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Are you expecting a new family member and looking for newborn photographer? Overwhelmed by the idea of having your baby squished up in a blanket burrito or in an uncomfortable looking pose? Not sure if a posed, studio style newborn shoot is for you?

Look no further!

Over the past few months, we have been experiencing some pretty nasty weather here in Southwestern Ontario! The good thing about that? I’ve had the opportunity to photograph a few newborn sessions in clients’ homes, and I’m SO excited with how they have turned out. I’d like to tell you a little more about these lovely little family sessions!

So, what exactly are you signing up for with an in-home session?

First of all, this is going to be pretty relaxed, so don’t stress about it. Wear something you are comfortable in, same goes for baby and the other kids! Tidy up your living spaces (kitchen, common areas, bedroom, nursery) and open up the curtains or blinds. I’ll arrive at your home, and take a quick peek around to see what light is available. We may end up rearranging some furniture so we can make the most of the light available. Don’t worry if there is some clutter, we can move things around if necessary.

We will likely spend around two hours taking photos in and around your home. Don’t worry too much if baby (or his/her siblings) need a break. There will be time for feeding, diaper changes, or a quick time out from the camera if necessary. I do not put a time limit on sessions for newborns, as I understand that babies can be fussy, and the last thing I want is for you to feel rushed!

What type of photos can we expect from and in-home session?

The types of photos I am aiming for aren’t perfect, but I hope to depict your real life; the connection and bond that your family shares. As with other aspects of my photography, I will give you slight direction when necessary. I will likely put the whole family on the bed, or I might ask you to sing a song to the baby or tell a joke to the older kids. I will also try to grab one or two shots with everyone looking at the camera, but the focus is on the candid moments between you & your family.

The incredible moments that are captured with this kind of shoot are truly a snapshot of your family in time. I believe that these sessions are so important. We all know how quickly time can pass (especially with little ones around), and before long your kids will be grown and you will wish you had more photos of them when they were just little nuggets!


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